Thinking of buying then here are a few pointers regarding the process.

Walk about the areas you thinking of buying in, by day and by night. Shop at the supermarket and pop into cafes and bars too.  Take note of the public transport links, is the parking ( do you need parking), sports facilities/ gyms, and for parents consider the link to school(s) and often over looked healthcare.

If you considering taking out a mortgage then go to a Dutch bank or visit a mortgage specialist (Hypotheek Shop) to see how much you can borrow and repayment options. You will need to be in full-time (40 hour week), open ended employment contract and have a valid residence permit.

A typical Dutch mortgage runs for a 25 year to 30 year period and you can borrow up to 5 times salary. It is customary for least a 10% of purchase price as a deposit. As always with complex financial products you should do your homework, seek expert advice and ask colleagues/ friends/ network about their experiences.

Interest payments on mortgages are tax deductible as long as the property is your main residence. Note that the future of mortgage tax relief in the long term is being questioned.

Once you have a budget then start your property search – (in Dutch and English) is the largest property search website in the country. Alternatively go to see an estate agent (makelaar) – they will either charge a fixed fee or 1-2% of the sale price, depending on how much work they do on your behalf. Note that ‘for sale’ is te koop in Dutch. We suggest an aankoopmakelaar as many properties become available before they are advertised on real estate websites.

Our team will be able to assist you in your buy, sell, rent or fixing up your new property.

We have on hand electricians, plumbers and various specialists to help you in and about your home.

Included in our service package is house styling by Sandra Wood. We are happy to have Sandra as part of our home team. Sandra has been working  as an independent decorator as well as with many top interior designers, in calibration meeting challenges of  projects designing shops, hotel rooms/ lobbies, corporate space and commissioned art work. Sandra’s work is often spotted in top international magazines.